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    Study: Cannabis Inhaler Delivers Effective Relief To Neuropathy Patients

    (NORML) Israeli investigators assessed the efficacy of a novel, portable metered-dose cannabis inhaler in eight subjects diagnosed with chronic neuropathic pain. Researchers reported that the device administered an efficient, consistent, and therapeutically effective dosage of cannabinoids to all participants.

    They concluded, “This trial suggests the potential use of the Syqe Inhaler device as a smokeless delivery system of medicinal cannabis, producing a delta-9-THC pharmacokinetic profile with low inter-individual variation of (maximum drug/plasma concentrations), achieving pharmaceutical standards for inhaled drugs.”

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    I need this


  5. Why is she so perfect

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    Planet BC3 - McFreshCreates

    😍😍😍 I want this tatted

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  7. Lmao she cute tho

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    Be legendary!

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    All in their 40s baby. Black don’t crack.

    Nia’s face though………

    I’ma need y’all to back up off on Nia Long. That’s me.

    No, but Nia done got finer with age… like i would be speechless if i was in her presence.

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  15. Big bro bday today ✊@ebdalingo